“A Place at the Table”

“A Place at the Table” is a documentary about the growing problem of hunger in America. Currently there are 50 million people who do not have enough to eat in this country. Overall I did like the documentary. I thought it addressed a real problem in this country and presented viable solutions to the problem. What I did not like about the movie is number one was that it cost me about 7 dollars on amazon, number two I know it was supposed to be a call to action but it kind of came off as preachy, and number three it downplayed the role of charity.


The movie has interviews from a wide variety of people. The interviews range from doctors, hungry children and their parents, activists, and teachers. These interviews help show the viewer what it is like to be hungry and how it affects every aspect of our lives. Being hungry impacts not only ones nutrition and health but also how well a child does in school and a family’s peace of mind.


The movie also discusses how obesity and hunger are neighboring problems. It discusses how farms have subsidies to grow foods that can be processed instead of having subsidies for farms that grow fruits and vegetables. This causes fruits and vegetables to be more expensive and harder to obtain.


The next part of the movie is the call to action. The documentary stresses how this problem can be solved through government assistant programs and how we need to petition to Congress to increase food subsidies. This part of the movie suggests that through government alone we can solve this problem and charity is not the answer. I disagree. I think it should be a joint effort between government and charities. With so much economic instability I think it would not be right to expect the government to spend more money it does not have. However, hunger is a huge problem and it needs to be solved. So if charitable organizations like food kitchens, or even like La Salle and Fresh Grocers food store initiatives, get more backing from the government then together as a nation we can solve the problem of hunger.

Here is a link to the movies website and trailer  “A Place at the Table”  


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