Reading the labels

Nutrition is complicated. Sometimes things that sound healthy are not, and things that seem unhealthy are needed in moderation. For example sometimes an organic candy bar can be much healthier than a nutrition bar. If a nutrition bar is full of sugar and chemicals it could be causing more harm than eating a candy bar. Now the candy bar would have to be healthy, this means eating a chocolate bar that is organic and not king sized. It also means that some nutrition bars lack basic nutritional elements like fiber and are full of processed chemicals.  This means that getting the right nutrition is incredibly complicated. To make sure you are getting the right nutrition you need to read the labels on your food. The labels will tell you how much protein, fiber, carbs, and vitamins are in a product. You also need to research and see how much of that nutritional element you need. People need fat and carbohydrates and sugar and salt to have a healthy diet, it all just needs to be in moderation. Just like how too much fiber and protein and even water can be unhealthy. Here are three blogs that help explain what to look for on the food labels. They will also be in the link box. This is a blog that explains why something labeled as a nutrition bar are not always a healthy option. Here is a link that specializes in nutrition facts. And this is Discovery health‘s blog about basic nutrition.


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