Outside information

So with this project to understand what the problem and how we can help we need to understand the basics of nutrition. I have put links in this post that give more information about the nutrition problems in lower-incomes, especially inner-city area’s and also a link if you would like to help. While these are posted here the links will also be in the link section the the side.  Here is the Yale site, this is Drexel’s site,  and here is the Food Trust Site. These websites are great. Colorful, vibrant, full of pictures, and they give pretty decent information.


2 thoughts on “Outside information

  1. I like how you keep the audience informed and provided us with background and outside information. Great idea! Also, I like how you update your blog consistently and show a wide range of different pictures.

  2. I think it’s good that you provide the readers with more information than just talking about the pictures you took, and that the blog is organized really well. I feel like the Outside Information post with the links to other sites is a good way to not only keep readers interested, but also to help them learn more about the topic.

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