Photos part 2

I hope you enjoyed my photos. Now I know the quality needs improving on some of them and I need to get much better at taking photos and editing them but I hope they give a little bit of an idea of the food around here. It’s generally not healthy, and when you do find the healthy food it is incredibly expensive. When I finally get everything working I’m going to post more pictures that show the price of soda and water. It just shows how hard it can be to try to feed a family healthy foods if money is tight. And the reason why the milk photo is my favorite is that it impacts me the most. Eventually I am going to be buying my own milk and the price is only going to get higher. I know how to eat healthy so I know to avoid the take-out and chips on most occasions but for people who don’t it make’s more sense to take your $4  and get a meal at Dunkin, or buy two liters of soda, than spend it on a gallon of skim milk.


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